Farmington Rockets Football and Cheer Organization

Michigan Youth Football and Cheer Conference (MYFCC)


The Farmington Rockets Program has been a tradition in our community for over 60 years; teaching our youth the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, helping to develop their physical skills and strengthen their character with the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence, respect, leadership, and courage, all while building lifelong friendships.



A Note From Our President:

A Rocket Alumni contacted me as she had seen a post that concerned her.  She was on the Board of Directors I believe she said for 13 years.  She was devastated to hear the Rockets were not playing this season (as we all are) and was worried the program was shutting down for good.  I assured her, as I would like to assure everyone, that the current Board of Directors will be working hard over the next year and will be doing everything in our power to get things up and running for the 2019 season.  We pray this is not the end of the Rockets, only a period of time to rebuild. 

I’ve been thinking about the conversation I had with this sweet woman who reached out to me, not knowing who I was or what information I may be able to offer her.  It became very clear, very quickly, just how impactful the Rockets Football and Cheer Program has been to so many in our community.  So many people have shared how they were once a Rocket, and then their children played or cheered as a Rocket themselves.  A few parents of current players have said that their child does not want to play for another team this season because they are a Rocket!  Once you are a Rocket, you become part of the family.  We are a program unlike any other.  We support each other, we place importance on family, safety, and teamwork.  Whether our teams win or lose, we do so with grace and respect for all.

Our program has been in the community since 1956, providing children a place to learn real world life skills such as sportsmanship, team work, respect, leadership, and courage.  We offer them a structured environment to grow and learn in their sport, preparing them for future teams and life in general.  Our parent volunteers do this all on their own free time, whether out of love for the sport, their child’s passion for the game, or various other reasons.  The point is we can’t do this without those dedicated individuals or the support of our schools and community.  Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community.  I encourage you to reach out and share how important the Farmington Rockets Football and Cheer program is to the community.  We will not let this program go down without a fight!  #RFL

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